The Consortium

Melinda is an organisation of producers whose vital structure is made up of member farmers, namely of around 4.000 families of fruit-farmers who live and grow apple trees in the Noce Valleys (Val di Non and Val di Sole). Every year, the members deliver their harvest to their Cooperative, one of the 16 that make up the Melinda Consortium, to which they delegate organisation and management of all procedures downstream of harvest (storage, refrigerated storage, selection, packaging, dispatch, promotion, sales, administration, purchases, HR management, etc.).

The 3 cornerstone principles of the Melinda Consortium are:

1. the 4,000 families of fruit-farmers in the Val di Non and Val di Sole: they represent the most important of the 3 cornerstones of the Melinda Consortium. Without their work, their dedication and their professionalism, the Melinda Consortium would not exist.

Good marketing and careful company management certainly help to achieve results, but without the supply of truly superior quality apples, they would serve little purpose. And apples are not like wine or cheese or other foodstuffs that are subjected to varying degrees of industrial processing. Apples, like all the other foods that are consumed in their harvest state, undergo no subsequent processing that could contribute to improving their appearance and/or organoleptic characteristics.  An apple is either good when it is picked off the tree or it will never become good whatever you do to it. The goodness of Melinda apples can only from the orchards therefore, thanks to the constant work of the farming families. Melinda is not a limited company nor a multinational. Melinda is a Consortium of producers. And they are the sole proprietors of our Consortium and the main driving force of all that Melinda represents for consumers of top quality Italian and European apples.

2. the Melinda brand: allows consumers to easily identify quality apples that are objectively superior. Melinda apples are in fact produced exclusively in the Noce Valleys (Val di Non and Val di Sole). The particular, unique combination of latitude, orographic (altitude and exposure) and pedoclimatic characteristics (fairly shallow terrain, low summer rainfall and low relative air humidity, big differences between day- and night-time temperatures) in these Alpine valleys make them one of the naturally most suitable areas on earth for apple production. The fruit produced here has unique and inimitable aesthetic characteristics (fineness of the skin, absence of russeting, not very evident spots, frequent over-colouring) and organoleptic characteristics (crispness, freshness and correct sugar/acid ratio). The apples are grown in compliance with the Integrated Production Guidelines, which guarantee the maximum healthiness for the product and respect for the environment. They are stored, selected and packaged according to the strictest Italian and European control standards, (ISO 9001, BRC, IFS certifications).

3. how the Consortium is organised: thanks to the high level of centralisation, Melinda is able to provide consumers the highest level of guarantees for product homogeneity.
All the technical choices of an agronomic nature, harvesting and storage methods, selection and packaging standards and all the work of the over 1,100 collaborators both male and female are in fact centrally managed in order to guarantee that all consumers, whether in Italy or abroad, when they choose a Melinda, have the same chance to know about the characteristics of the apple they are purchasing.