Pearl barley with speck and apples

first courses
213 calories per serving
Ingredients for 6:
200g pearl barley
20g butter
3 tablespoons of mixed seed oil
150g speck cut into fine strips
2 Melinda Fuji apples
1 generous glass of Nosiola wine
plenty of grated Trentingrana cheese

Soak the barley overnight. Brown the finely sliced onion with a knob of butter and a drizzle of seed oil.
Add the julienne of speck. Add the peeled, sliced apples and cook for 3 minutes.
Then add the dried barley, stir well and pour in the wine.
Cook over a high heat until the wine has completely evaporated. Lower the heat and finish cooking, adding stock as necessary.
When the barley reaches the desired consistency (about 40 minutes after the wine evaporates) beat in the butter and cheese. 


Trentino d.o.c. Nosiola - Cantina di Toblino Trentino
Barley does not go soft and it will taste really good even a few days later, reheated gently with a little stock