The only PDO in Italy

When origins make all the difference.

In 2003, the European Union awarded PDO recognition to Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta Canada varieties from Val di Non, standing for Protected Designation of Origin.
This news filled us with pride because it is the first time that such a prestigious designation is awarded to an Italian apple. And yet, we are not surprised. We all know that goodness is always rewarded, sooner or later.
That the apples from these valleys were truly some of the best in Italy had already been proven by the millions of consumers who choose Melinda every day. Now though, this superior quality has also been recognised by the top European body for safeguarding typicality.
This emphasises that the apple from the Val di Non is a unique typical product, grown by thousands of small producers with respect for the traditional rules that have always made this valley famous throughout the world for its apples. 

Protected designation of origin means:

Protection of Origins and Tradition:
PDO apples from the Val di Non are only produced in a limited area, north-west of the province of Trento, at an altitude of between 450 and 900m and characterised by climatic and pedological conditions that have always made it one of the most suitable areas in the world for apple production. It is also for this reason that apple trees are documented as having been grown in the Val di Non for over 2,000 years.  

Protection of the Environment:
Melinda Consortium fruit-farmers who are members of the Protection Consortium must comply with the PDO Val di Non Apples Production Guidelines  approved by the European Community and also with Melinda Production Guidelines. 
The main rules in the Melinda Guidelines are: 

  • respect for the orchard as an integral part of the valley’s ecosystem;
  • cultivation and protection of the plants with low-impact methods;
  • environmental (Integrated Production techniques);
  • diversified harvest based on the orchard characteristics;
  • apple packaging manual.

The main rules in the PDO Val di Non apples Production Guidelines are:

  • inherent quality of the fruit: minimal values for sugars, acidity, hardness;
  • regulation of the quantity of fruit produced: maximum production per hectare;
  • maximum number of plants per hectare.

Protection of Quality and Flavour:
The PDO Val di Non apple brand is reserved exclusively for Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta del Canada apples produced in the Val di Non that:

  1. are in category one 
  2. exceed the crispness and sugar and natural acid levels set by the Production Guidelines approved by the EC.

A PDO Val di Non apple is therefore not just healthy and nice to look at, it is also very good to eat!

Protection of the Consumer:
CSQA is the Certifying Body authorised by the MiPAF – Ministero Politiche Agricole e Forestali (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies), which guarantees the consumer by certifying, among other aspects:

  1. the area of origin of DOP Val di Non apples; 
  2. respect for the Production Guidelines by the fruit-farmers;
  3. respect for the fruit’s express and intrinsic quality parameters;
  4. harvesting and packaging methods