Goodness is part of our Nature

Exploring the Val di Non, the Melinda valley.
Melinda sostenibilita 01

With every bite, Melinda reveals the secrets of its goodness. It grows in a natural paradise, respected and protected. The members of four thousand families take care of it with love and wisdom. They collect it at the right time so that it is always fresh and crisp. And in the end, they donate some of their seeds to the land to renew a story that, in Val di Non, has been told for thousands of years.

An apple to carry in the palm of your hand. And not just for pride. Every Melinda rests in the palm of a hand, the great, tireless and strong hands of the fruit-farmers of the Consortium, who pick the apples from the trees one by one and place them in baskets.  

Apples and apple-farmers live in the same balsamic environment that gives a beautiful pink tone to the "cheeks" of both the apples and the inhabitants: this is Val di Non.  

The valley ranges from 400 to 1000 metres above sea level, and is one of the most suitable environments in the world for growing apple trees, to give rise to and ripen Melinda apples:

  1. mountain ranges protect them from the cold currents of the north and favour a temperate and sunny climate;
  2. high altitude glaciers that always offer fresh and pure irrigation water, even in summer;
  3. rocky terrain composed of dolomitic rock, which makes the fruit grow with a crisp and tasty pulp;
  4. concentrated rainfall between late autumn and spring - with abundant winter snowfall. Yet the rain is very scarce during the apples' growth, ripening and harvesting period, guaranteeing optimal natural biosynthesis, both of fructose and malic acid, at the base of the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of Melinda apples;
  5. strong daily temperature variations (even 15 °C) during the harvesting period, which favours the colouring of the skin and the fragrance of the pulp.
Melinda sostenibilita 02

Discovering the Val di Non.

Nature is not the only thing that makes Valle di Melinda special: between the romantic Tovel Lake or the enchanting Smeraldo Lake, the Santa Giulia Reservoir and the Noce River, you can discover ancient sanctuaries, hermitages and fascinating castles, striking testimonies of a historical past. On foot or by mountain bike, you can enjoy endless paths and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the landscape. You can enjoy healthy outdoor activities on cross-country and downhill slopes, or go snowshoeing.
The hospitable owners of mountain lodges, gasthofs and chalets await you to pamper you and offer you their Val di Non food and wine specialties.
The valley is tinged with new colours in every season. At the end of the winter, the white blanket of snow that protects the apple tree roots melts and, in the spring, it leaves room for the white of the apple blossoms, which gently perfume the whole valley. And when the wind tears the petals from the branches, it seems like it's snowing again. Summer takes on the nuances of ripe apples and a delicious aroma fills the air. In autumn the leaves of the apple trees release the sun they have accumulated and turn from green to yellow and then red, like the colours of our wonderful Melindas, ready to be tasted.