The Marcialonga


The Marcialonga is the most important and famous cross country ski marathon in Italy, held on the snowy trails in the Fiemme and Fassa Valleys in Trentino on the last Sunday in January.

Every year a huge number of skiers take part in the eagerly awaited Marcialonga the most important Italian cross country ski race. It dates back to 1971, set up by four friends who were inspired by the prestigious Vasaloppet. The start is on the Moena plain and the finish line is in Cavalese, after 70 km of cross-country skiing. Diary date is the last Sunday in January. Skiers can also take part in the shorter 45 km route that finishes in Predazzo. 

Every year, this race is followed by a record number of people, not just because of the ever-present “heroes” who take part, but especially due to the many big names, Olympic and world champions, whose presence increases the prestige of this competition. Names worthy of mention include the Swedes Fredriksson, Lind, Brink, Svärd and Ahrlin, the Norwegians Alsgaard, Svartedal and Aukland, and also Rezac, Livers and Jakoubek.

Over the years, Italy has been represented by the likes of Cattaneo, Debertolis and Morandini, who were among the first to arrive in 2010. 
In summer, the Marcialonga means two more events with La Marcialonga Running, a 25.5 km foot race and Marcialonga Cycling, a cross-country cycling competition.

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