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The Ciaspolada


This is the main winter sports event that takes place every year in the Val di Non.

Held in Fondo on the first weekend in January every year, it is reserved “exclusively” for sports people and snowshoe enthusiasts and, in general all those who love healthy physical activity and life in the open air, from 5 to 105 years of age!

Val di Non: land of mountains and Melinda, castles, woods and… snowshoes!
This is where we meet up once a year, every year, to take part in the Ciaspolada, Italy’s most famous non-competitive snowshoe race. 
It all started when the former director of the local Tourism Agency was watching hunters in the area, moving rapidly across the snow in their snowshoes, and the idea came to him that they could also be used for fun. It was 1972. By the mid-nineties, the Ciaspolada had already become the leading sports event in Trentino for number of participants.
Today it is a real happening, so popular that it has attracted an incredible following in Italy and abroad. ¬The date is always the first weekend in January, in Epiphany, on one of two routes, depending on the weather and the amount of snow, either the classic one starting in Cavareno and finishing in Fondo or the “historic” one, with start and finish at the Golf Courses at the Mendola Pass.

In 2013, for the first time in Italy, the race qualified for the World Snowshoe Championships.

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