"The Melinda specialists” project

Objective of the project
To create a Club that brings together the best specialist fruit and vegetable retailers operating on the Italian market and collaborate with them in promotion of their sales through communication tools and other initiatives. Who is a Melinda Specialist? An Italian fruit and vegetable retailer who sells Melinda apples and focuses on excellence.

What does Melinda offer its Specialists?

  • A collaboration relationship focused on optimising the work of both parties;
  • The supply of promotional material for the sales point (posters, bags, aprons, pens);
  • Melinda Specialists Newsletter by mail, ensuring that club members are always the first to know about competitions, news, fairs and everything regarding the world of Melinda. The Melinda Specialists Newsletter is sent out periodically to all fruit and vegetable shops in Italy that are members of the Specialists Project. Published directly by Melinda, it is a clear, prompt information tool for use by fruit operators.

Costs and requisites for project membership
NO cost, all you need is to have Melinda apples in your sales assortment.
There is no charge to retailers; the only aim being to offer them material, free gifts and information to support sales.
You do not need to comply with any quantity requisites or contact any particular suppliers; all we ask is that you continue to sell our apples as you have always done, ensuring their visibility and optimum display.
All the activity is carried out in close collaboration with our best distribution partners. 

Project prospects

  • To give Specialists the chance to create a customised page for their sales point on the Melinda website;
  • To create a direct relationship between Specialists and Melinda with a view to improving the willingness of the former towards new display materials with big impact on their customers;
  • To provide new services, such as: sales courses, window display courses, courses teaching how to recognise the quality of fruit, etc.;
  • To organise competitions with prizes and other promo activities exclusively for Specialists;
  • To invite and welcome Specialists and their best customers to Melinda territory during the main local events, allowing them to see the Melinda reality for themselves.

How to join the project
To become a Melinda Specialist, you need to be the owner of a shop specialising in retail sales of fruit and vegetables, have Melinda apples in your assortment and guarantee high quality standards for the fruit you sell to the public, your displays and your customer service. Melinda managers, in collaboration with our reference distribution partners in the wholesale markets in the various provinces in Italy, will evaluate effective compliance with the standards required from aspiring Specialists.

To request membership of the Specialists Club, simply contact the project managers directly: 

Daniel Turri 
Melinda Marketing Assistant 
Tel. +39 0463-671162 
Fax. +39 0463-671160
email: daniel.turri@melinda.it

Andrea Fedrizzi
Melinda Marketing Specialist
Tel. +39 0463-671163
Fax. +39 0463-671160
email: andrea.fedrizzi@melinda.it

All you need to do is fill in the info form, download and print it and then send it by fax to  +39 0463-671160 or by email to the above addresses, attaching photos that can also be sent by email to the same addresses or by traditional post to:

Consorzio Melinda Scarl,
via Trento 200/9
Cles - TN - 38023 

N.B. Do not send photos by fax as they will not be visible.