Renetta Canada

Melinda. The most Italian of the Renetta Canadas.

Connoisseurs call it Melinda Renetta D.O.P. Mela Val di Non.

Two Renettas a day, keeps the need to take antioxidants away: those famous natural polyphenols that help slow down cellular ageing. Renetta Canada Melinda apples have many more than other varieties of apples or other fruits. It is a precious ally for health, which is why it's highly sought after by connoisseurs. And it is the preferred apple of those with more refined palates because it has the P.D.O. label and when you taste it, it reveals a whole series of aromas and a unique, incomparable flavour.


Greenish-yellow, sometimes with red over-colouring on the parts exposed to sunlight. More or less intense and extensive roughness and russeting: an indication of high quality. The skin has very clear, large spots. Irregular globe shape. The stem is particularly short and thick.  


Very distinctive and unique, different from that of any other apple. Refined, flavourful and very aromatic. Not particularly sweet.


Creamy white, soft and pasty. Average or little juiciness. This variety of apple typically has less crunchiness, which indicates the ideal stage of ripening to be able to fully enjoy the organoleptic uniqueness of the Renetta Canada Melinda. 


To fully experience the special and exclusive flavour of Renetta Canada Melinda, it is best to eat it raw. But it is also the best apple for cooking, excellent in strudels, sweets, pancakes or as baked apples. The precious polyphenols it contains are preserved unaltered, even if it is cooked.

If you want to savour it in all its fragrance, we suggest eating it within seven days of purchase.


After bringing them home, place them in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) for the shortest amount of time, and remove no more than two hours before eating them. Avoid storing them at room temperature for several days.

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La Regina dell'estate! Le Golden più verdi si chiamano Melinda Green e nella loro polpa, così fresca e succosa, si trova tutto il gusto dell'estate!
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