Melinda® Reddy

It's just Melinda.

Less calories, more convenience!

This is a certified-quality apple, created by mother nature and chosen by Melinda to be less caloric and more convenient. Melinda® Reddy (Red Delicious, Fuji or Gala) comes from the same mountains of Trentino, is grown on the same trees and has been cared for by the same fruit-grower families in full compliance with the strict Melinda Production Guidelines of the same varieties. They have been selected and packaged in the same high-tech centres and therefore have the same complete traceability. Only the colouring is less intense - having grown on the innermost and most protected branches of the apple trees - as well as a lower sugar content in general, again in relation to the apples' reduced sun exposure.


The less intense colour of the Melinda® Reddy apples is generally also associated with a lower sugar content (and at a lower price).

The unmistakable sticker with a pink background and the word "Melinda" in blue and the word "Reddy" in white, together with the packaging in the same colour combination make it immediately recognisable.


A special selection of red and two-toned Melinda apples (Red, Fuji and Gala), they feature a fresh, thirst-quenching flavour thanks to their lower sugar content which then determines a lower calorie content.


Exactly like Melinda Red, Fuji and Gala.

If you want to savour it in all its fragrance, we suggest eating it preferably within seven days of purchase.


After bringing them home, place them in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) for the shortest amount of time, and remove no more than two hours before eating them. Avoid storing them at room temperature for several days.

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