Melinda® Bio

From organic farming

Melinda® Bio. You can contribute to the preservation of nature, too.

Organic farming is a farming method based on agronomic techniques that respect the environment. Materials are used in the fight against parasites and pests on plants that have been provided by the same mother nature. The use of synthetic chemical fertilisers is also prohibited. All stages of the production process are controlled and certified by Authorised certification bodies.

Melinda® Bio apples are produced according to the Production Guidelines for organic farming, strictly followed by all fruit-growers of the Melinda Consortium. The selection and packaging of the fruit take place in a special dedicated centre, in compliance with the same strict process standards applied to the other Melinda apples.  Melinda® Bio is available in the varieties Golden, Fuji, Gala, Renetta and many others, to satisfy the tastes of all those who prefer organic apples.


The colour and characteristics of the skin and pulp are the same as the non-organic varieties, but the Melinda® Bio apples are grown in compliance with the Certified Organic Agriculture Guidelines.


They all have the distinctive taste of apples grown in the mountains. They share their origin, organoleptic qualities and the same care with which all Melinda apples are grown by the same farming families of Trentino.


In the same way as the corresponding non-organic Melinda varieties.

If you want to savour it in all its fragrance, we suggest eating it preferably within seven days of purchase.


After bringing them home, place them in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) for the shortest amount of time, and remove no more than two hours before eating them. Avoid storing them at room temperature for several days.

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