The "different twin", exceptionally affordable.

The apple that's good inside. For those who don't want to compromise on quality.

Different only in appearance and in price, MelaSì grows on the same mountains, on the same trees and on the same branches as all the Melinda apples. And it is grown in respect of the same Production Guidelines, with the same passion and skill, by the same apple-growers who grow Melinda apples. This is why it is an opportunity: bringing certified quality apples to your table at an affordable price.


MelaSì is a Melinda apple which only aesthetically does not meet the established standards to be able to boast the famous Melinda sticker, which is reserved for the very first-choice apples.
In fact, MelaSì apples have some imperfections on their skin caused by natural events such as frost, hail, strong winds, etc. Inside, however, MelaSì apples are perfectly intact and retain the same flavour as the certified-quality Melinda apples.

The unmistakable sticker with a yellow background and the word "MelaSì" in red, together with the packaging in the same colour combination make this particular selection immediately recognisable.


MelaSì is available for the apple varieties: Golden, Red, Renetta, Gala, Fuji and Evelina. The fruit has the same unique flavour as the Melinda apples of the same varieties.

Despite having a flavour which is identical to that of Melinda apples, due to the presence of slight imperfections on the skin, MelaSì apples are offered at an affordable price that will amaze you.


Exactly like the other Melindas of the same variety.

If you want to savour it in all its fragrance, we suggest eating it preferably within seven days of purchase.


After bringing them home, place them in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) for the shortest amount of time, and remove no more than two hours before eating them. Avoid storing them at room temperature for several days.

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