Gala Melinda

Melinda. The most beloved of the Gala apples.

So good that it's kids' favourite, and is liked by the whole family.

A child will never refuse a Gala Melinda. Its bright red colour and its fun shape shout: "eat me"! But adults can't resist, either thanks to its always-sweet and pleasant taste. This is why everyone truly likes Gala Melindas. It is the first apple harvested in the Trentino valleys and reaches tables shortly after the end of August. Its medium-small size seems like it was made for the hands of children, who love to hold it between their index finger and thumb and nibble it down to the core.


More or less intense red colour. Its skin is smooth and very pleasant to the touch, thanks to the natural waxes that form on the skin. Slightly elongated, round and regular shape.


Always very sweet and pleasant, it has a universal flavour that pleases all.


Creamy-white and of variable consistency: from crunchy and juicy to soft and pasty, according to its stage of ripening.


This apple may be eaten and offered at any time. Thanks to its sweetness and its often not overly-firm pulp, it is particularly popular with children. It is exquisite when juiced.

If you want to savour it in all its fragrance, we suggest eating it within seven days of purchase.


After bringing them home, place them in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) for the shortest amount of time, and remove no more than two hours before eating them. Avoid storing them at room temperature for several days.




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La Regina dell'estate! Le Golden più verdi si chiamano Melinda Green e nella loro polpa, così fresca e succosa, si trova tutto il gusto dell'estate!
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