Renetta Melinda

Name Renetta Surname Melinda date of birth from 10/9 to 20/09 harvest season Val di Non Distinctive features "Russeting, a sign of quality"

The connoisseur’s favourite apple.

Other common names: Reinette du Canada, Russet.

It has the flavour of an apple that likes to stand out. This makes it the D.O.P. Mela Val di Non variety for more refined palates. Irregular and spherical in shape, it is often rough to the touch with a russeted skin, but, as real apples experts know all too well, its taste reveals a series of a unparalleled aromas and unique flavour.
It is picked at the start of September and available until about the end of June.

An excellent everyday ally and in the kitchen
Exquisite raw, excellent baked with raisins and cinnamon, it was however “born to be sweet” because it is the ideal apple for delicious strudels, pies and cakes. This is a very popular variety, also due to the fact that it is very healthy, being particularly rich in polyphenols. These natural anti-oxidants preserve all their qualities even after cooking!

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Very distinctive and unique. Very different from that of any other apple. Refined, flavoursome and very aromatic. Not particularly sweet.


These apples are large or medium in size, with a minimum diameter of 70 mm, but the best quality is found in fruits with a diameter of between 80 and 100/110 mm, weighing an average of 250-300 g and more. Those with a greater diameter, which may even weigh up to 400 g, are particularly good for cooking or for peeling and using in recipes.


Spherical, fairly irregular in shape. Very short, thick stalk.


Fairly thick skin, greenish-yellow in colour, sometimes with red over-colouring and red on the part exposed to the sun.
The surface may be rough and often has russeting, which may be widespread and intense. Large, very evident spots.


The flesh is creamy white and firm. Medium to low juiciness. This variety is typically not very crisp, a characteristic that indicates it is fully ripe and its organoleptic uniqueness is ready to be enjoyed.  
Melinda Renetta flesh is extremely high in polyphenols: it contains an average of 100 mg per 100 g of flesh, in other words double the average in other apples and around half that in bilberries, which however cost about 10 times as much. 
Polyphenols are potent anti-oxidants, valuable allies for our health. The great wealth of polyphenols in Melinda Renetta flesh is the reason why these apples turn brown very quickly once cut. This is due to the stable compounds formed by the rapid reaction of the many polyphenols when these come into contact with oxygen in the air. Lemon juice sprinkled immediately on the cut apples slows down this browning process, as the anti-oxidant polyphenols bind to the ascorbic acid in the lemon juice rather than to the oxygen in the air, which is a less potent oxidant. In the same way, once swallowed,  the polyphenols in Melinda Renetta flesh bind with the oxidants in our digestive system, preventing them from entering our blood and in this way helping to protect our health.


Generally during the second ten days in September.


Generally from the end of September to the end of June. When stored in special atmosphere-controlled, refrigerated storage cells, Renetta apples preserve their fragrance until the beginning of summer. What’s more, during storage in these cells, the fruit increases its anti-oxidant content, its natural synthesis stimulated by the low temperature.


“The grain” is the name used for the russeting on apple’s surface, which may be intense and widespread. For this variety, the presence of “grain” is a sign of high quality.


As soon as possible after purchase, put the apples in the “Fruit and veg” compartment in a normal home refrigerator (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) and take them out no more than 2 hours before eating.
The apples should not be stored for several days at room temperature, either in the summer or the winter, as temperatures of over 4 °C speed up their ripening process and deterioration of the organoleptic and physical characteristics of their flesh.
Even storage in dark cool places (e.g. home cellars), while preferable to storage in ordinary conditions, does not keep the apples in as good a condition as that ensured by refrigeration.


The refined exclusive flavour of Melinda Renetta is for real connoisseurs, and is most evident when the fruit is eaten raw. However, it is also the best apple for cooking, excellent in strudels, cakes, fritters or baked. Even when cooked it retains the beneficial power of its anti-oxidant polyphenols. Compared to other apples and many common fruits, the Renetta is much richer in natural anti-oxidants that help to slow down cell ageing. It is therefore a valuable ally for everyone’s health, wellbeing and beauty.

NB: in order to enjoy all the fragrance of these apples, they should not only be stored as described above in a home refrigerator, but also eaten within 7 days after purchase.

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La Regina dell'estate! Le Golden più verdi si chiamano Melinda Green e nella loro polpa, così fresca e succosa, si trova tutto il gusto dell'estate!
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