Red Melinda

Name Red Surname Melinda harvest season from 1/9 to 20/9 place of birth Val di Non Distinctive features "Five-point base"

The apple with irresistible appeal.

Other common names: Stark, Stark Delicious or Delicious.

It will entice you at first glance. Deep red on the outside and snow white on the inside, Red is the most irresistible apple of them all. The best loved by women for its slender shape, attractive colour and pleasantly characteristic flavour. It is generally picked during the second ten days in September and is available from the start of October to the end of June. Together with Melinda Golden and Melinda Renetta, it is one of the only 3 Italian apple varieties to boast the “D.O.P.  Mela Val di Non” marking.  


Intense, sweet and aromatic.


It has an average diameter of 75-80 mm and weighs 170-190 g.
Melinda Red apples are however also available with a smaller diameter (up to 65 mm) or a larger diameter (>90 mm), either lighter or heavier than the weight given above


Truncated cone shape, generally elongated and not very symmetrical, with ribbing. It has from 4 to 5 typical protuberances around the bottom part of the fruit.


The colour of this variety is implicit in its name. However, this red colour may vary greatly depending on the varietal selections. Melinda Red apples may therefore go from pale red with streaks on a yellowish-green base to a deep even red, and include in-between shades of dark streaky red on a paler shade covering variable areas of the fruit’s surface.


The flesh is creamy white, quite sweet, not very tart, quite aromatic and crisp with a medium texture once perfectly ripe.  It tends to quickly become floury once overripe.


Generally during the second ten days in September.  


Generally from the start of October to the end of June.


“The five points”: these are the typical 4 or 5 protuberances around the bottom part of the fruit that make Melinda Red apples stand out immediately from all other red apples.


As soon as possible after purchase, put the apples in the “Fruit and veg” compartment in a normal home refrigerator (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) and take them out no more than 2 hours before eating.
The apples should not be stored for several days at room temperature, either in the summer or the winter, as temperatures of over 4 °C speed up their ripening process and deterioration of the organoleptic and physical characteristics of their flesh.
Even storage in dark cool places (e.g. home cellars), while preferable to storage in ordinary conditions, does not keep the apples in as good a condition as that ensured by refrigeration.


Melinda Red is ideal for eating raw, after meals or as a healthy snack any time during the day.

NB: in order to enjoy all the fragrance of these apples, they should not only be stored as described above in a home refrigerator, but also eaten within 7 days after purchase.




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La Regina dell'estate! Le Golden più verdi si chiamano Melinda Green e nella loro polpa, così fresca e succosa, si trova tutto il gusto dell'estate!
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