Fuji Melinda

Name Fuji Surname Melinda harvest season from 5/10 to 10/11 place of birth Mountains of Trentino Distinctive features " If it’s from the mountains, it’s redder"

The sweetest Melinda there is.

A burst of sugar for your palate. Fuji are the last Melinda apples to be picked, from mid-October on, when the highest peaks around the Vallyes of Trentino are already white with snow. Their long growing period on the tree enables these fruits to accumulate a large quantity of sugar, making them truly exquisite.
Incredibly firm and compact, they stand out for their crispness and have an excellent flavour thanks to their very juicy flesh with its high sugar content. 

Time for a snack!
Firm and crisp, Fuji is the perfect go-anywhere energy-giving snack that never spoils. 


Sweet and exquisite. Immediately recognisable thanks to its high sugar content, it also stands out for its amazing crispness.


Melinda Fuji apples are medium-large in size. The smallest have a diameter of 70-75 mm, but the sweetest are larger, with a diameter of 80 mm or more and weigh more than 200-250 g.


Spherical and regular with a vertical/horizontal axis length ratio of less than 1.


Orangey-red in colour, brilliant, often streaky on a yellowish-green base. It belongs to the group of varieties called “two-tone”.


Creamy white. Very compact and crisp, extremely sweet and juicy. May occasionally have glassy pockets, indicative of an especially high concentration of sugar, which form as the fruit develops on the plant, but these tend to be reabsorbed by the flesh during warehouse storage. 


From mid-October on. This variety often requires more than one pick (2-3) to enable the largest number possible of apples to reach the typical colouring of this variety.   


From mid-November to the end of June.  


“Sweet, firm and juicy”: the Melinda Fuji originates and grows in the mountains and for this reason it has a more intense colour and more compact flesh than the normal Fuji that grows on the plain and, above all, its flavour is more decisive, better balanced and never cloying.


As soon as possible after purchase, put the apples in the “Fruit and veg” compartment in a normal home refrigerator (ideal temperature 3-4 °C) and take them out no more than 2 hours before eating.
The apples should not be stored for several days at room temperature, either in the summer or the winter, as temperatures of over 4 °C speed up their ripening process and deterioration of the organoleptic and physical characteristics of their flesh.
Even storage in dark cool places (e.g. home cellars), while preferable to storage in ordinary conditions, does not keep the apples in as good a condition as that ensured by refrigeration.


Definitely at the table, after a pleasant, light meal. However, its firm flesh and thick peel make it the ideal apple “on the go” - none of its qualities are lost in your bag, pocket or backpack. Melinda Fuji apples are therefore the ideal snack at any time during the day or as an occasional replacement for lunch at work.

NB: in order to enjoy all the fragrance of these apples, they should not only be stored as described above in a home refrigerator, but also eaten within 7 days after purchase.





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